Happy Earth Day! The stunning photos above show the Sacred Headwaters, a pristine area of protected land in a remote corner of northern British Columbia. The area is about the size of the entire state of Oregon, and only one tiny road winds through it. (For context, on the US mainland, the farthest you can get from a maintained road is about 20 miles. Oregon is 98,466 square miles.)

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Ponder Du Jour

I’ve been in Guangzhou for 64 days now and taken 4,225 photos so far. It’s going to be a mission screening for the better images and editing them all. At this rate, only my top five percent picks will make it online, approximately 250 by the month’s end. I haven’t forgotten my photography theme and I’m still working on it. 

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GZ Day 61

Finally, the skies of Guangzhou clear somewhat. Thanks to a VIP connection, we (Mom, sister, cousin, and I) got free tickets to every attraction up top the Canton Tower.

Quick facts:

  • 600m tall
  • Completed in 2010
  • Tallest structure in China
  • Fourth tallest free-standing structure in the world

Going up? Maximum elevator speed: 10m/s.

The interior open-air spiralling Spider Walk. A full kilometre in length from the 33rd floor to the 65th; that’s 168m to 334m. 

The new Guangzhou Central Business District (CBD) as seen facing directly north from the 488m open-air observation deck. Pearl River and the 2010 Asian Games opening ceremony island are in the foreground.

Our beloved Oakwood Gold Arch Residence (my old home of twelve years) on Ersha Island located southwest of the CBD along Pearl River.

Canton Tower’s featured attraction: the Bubble Cars. Sixteen transparent carriages revolve on a panoramic elliptical track 450m in the sky, like a horizontal ferris wheel. It’s the highest of its kind the world. 

A bubble-car view of GZ’s downtown laserlight nightscape.  

The CN Tower doesn’t light up like this guy does. 

Absolutely spectacular views. I shall return for a solo night photography session soon!

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GZ Days 55 & 58

I visited Guangzhou’s largest urban park, Yuexiu Park (越秀公园), on Day 55. The park is home to the emblem of Guangzhou: the Five Rams Sculpture. Legend has it that thousands of years ago the city was a barren wasteland no matter how hard the people worked the earth. After much suffering and famine, one day, five immortals floated down from the heavens on fives rams carrying bundles of rice. They gave the people of Guangzhou the rice and blessed the lands. Thus, the land became fertile and the city grew rich. It’s no surprise that Guangzhou’s nickname is the City of the Rams and this sculpture, constructed in 1959, is dedicated to that local favourite fable. We also checked out the nearby Zhenghai Tower - a five-storey pagoda built in 1380. 

Finally, it feels like I’m actually back in Guangzhou! Nothing more GZ than these rams. Have a guess at what our high school mascot was.

Nothing much happened on Day 58: I cuddled with a giant adorable Golden Retriever at a friend’s place for three hours, and then walked around Zhu Jiang New Town taking photos for four hours. 

Tank top, tripod, and all. 

Out of the 500+ photos I took tonight, this one is perhaps my favourite. From left to right, GRC Bank, the Opera House, and the IFC tower. Love the under-lit stairs!

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GZ Day 58: Guangzhou Flower City Plaza by night.  

110 still photos iMovie-ed into a short 0:14 clip. Enjoy! (Make sure the clip is fully loaded if you have slow internet or else the stop-motion will be crappy). 

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